Chapter 3: Art & Belief

In 1966, a small group of BYU art students and graduates formed the “Mormon Art & Belief Movement” with the intention of fully realizing the truths of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in fine art. Made up of sculptors, painters, philosophers, and curators, the group established itself in Northern Utah County, with nearly all of its members living in a tight community. 

  Creation  by Trevor Southey.   Oil on Panel. 48 x 48 in. Collection of Gary Ernest Smith

Creation by Trevor Southey. Oil on Panel. 48 x 48 in. Collection of Gary Ernest Smith

They strove to not only depict subjects that were unique to Mormonism, but to do so with new aesthetic styles. Members of the movement became hugely influential for both their artworks and as examples emboldening artists and collectors to take LDS art seriously as its own, unique school.

  The Observatory  by Dennis Smith.   Oil on Panel. 42 x 64 in. 

The Observatory by Dennis Smith. Oil on Panel. 42 x 64 in. 

And join us as we dive deep into the history of the Art & Belief movement with artist Gary Ernest Smith & filmmaker Lee Groberg. We will host a special discussion and viewing on the closing night of the Zion Art Invitational on September 30 at 6 pm. Learn more about the event, held at Anthony's Fine Art in SLC on our Events Page. 

  Martyrdom  by Gary Ernest Smith.   Oil on Linen. 20 x 30 in.

Martyrdom by Gary Ernest Smith. Oil on Linen. 20 x 30 in.